Interventional Pain Management for Neck and Back Pain

Helpful Glossary of 5 Treatment Options

If you’re exploring Interventional Pain Management for the first time, or you’re already familiar, the list of treatment options below will be very helpful. 

Treating pain with invasive interventions is a medical subspeciality provided by doctors who specialize in Interventional Pain Management. These treatments are highly innovative and were developed as solutions beyond pain medication. They rely on precise therapies and treatments to provide long-lasting relief. 

Injections are useful for delivering pain relief, as well as making a diagnosis in some cases. The frequency and type of injections used for pain management may vary from person to person as part of a customized pain management plan. 

Below is a glossary of 5 of the most common treatment options for back and neck pain:

  • Rhizotomy —A nonsurgical treatment, radiofrequency rhizotomies are helpful for nerve damage pain and some types of long term pain. The procedure works to destroy the damaged nerves with localized heat generated with radiofrequency thus stopping communication of pain signals from your spine to your brain and ultimately, providing relief from pain.
  • Facet Injections—The small joints that line each vertebrae are called facet joints. Facet joint injection procedures are relatively quick and are performed in-office. A combination of anesthetic and anti-inflammatory medications are slowly injected into the joints. These injections reduce pain immediately and typically have long-lasting effects. 
  • Epidurals—One of the most common, well-known types of injections for lower back pain, epidurals are useful for pain caused by damaged nerves or inflammation.
  • Steroid Injections—Targeting the lowest part of the epidural space in your back, steroid injections help to relieve pain from sciatica and herniated discs.
  • Trigger Point Injections—These injections are highly effective for neck and back pain and target areas of extremely knotted muscles. The trigger point injections work by irritating the nerves causing referred pain that the injections help reduce.

Of course, this list is not comprehensive, there are several other treatment options available. (Learn more here.) At AIPI we create a highly customized treatment plan for each individual patient depending on their pain, the cause, and its severity. 

Our goal is to effectively provide you with back and neck pain relief. To find out more about what will work for you, schedule a consultation today by calling 561-641-0089.