9 Fun Activities For Those Living With Pain

When living with pain, even the smallest tasks can feel like a challenge.

While high-impact sports or reorganizing your garage might not be in your best interest, engaging in hobbies and activities is a great way to keep your body active while also helping to improve your mental and emotional well-being. From solo activities to options for the whole family, here are some pain-friendly activities to help you productively fend off boredom.

1. Go For a Swim

Swimming is recognized as one of the lowest-impact, most joint-friendly activities out there. It’s a fantastic aerobic exercise that will help strengthen your muscles while simultaneously helping to ease pain and stress. It can even be a group activity, allowing you to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

2. Enroll in an Online Class

Have you been wanting to learn a foreign language? Maybe pursue a new college degree or certification for your job? Go for it! There are tons of affordable (and even free) online classes available these days. Learning something new is excellent for keeping your mind stimulated and also emotionally satisfied.

3. Play Games

Puzzles, word games and Sudoku are all excellent forms of entertainment that help to keep your mind sharp. Board games are also great if you’re looking for a group activity to enjoy with your friends and family. Remember to stand up and stretch about every 30 minutes though in order to help reduce pain and stiffness.

4. Practice Yoga 

Gentle yoga can help give your muscles the movement and activity they need without going overboard. Yoga boasts several benefits including improving circulation, releasing endorphins, and increasing flexibility. In order to avoid any dangerous poses, try working with an instructor one-on-one or sign yourself up for a group class.

5. Read a Book

Whether you enjoy diving into fictional worlds or learning something new, reading is a great way to pass the time. Reading also boasts several benefits including improving brain connectivity, expanding your vocabulary, empowering empathy, and reducing stress.

6. Get Crafty

From coloring books to pottery painting to scrapbooking, there are plenty of ways for you to channel your creative side. Certain activities such as painting or knitting can improve dexterity while also helping to reduce stress. As with any stationary activity though, you’ll want to make sure to take regular, gentle stretch breaks.

7. Prepare a Meal

Not only does cooking stimulate the mind, it also allows you to craft an anti-inflammatory diet that will ultimately help reduce your pain. You can even make this a social event by hosting a small dinner party for your friends and family.

8. Take a Walk

Going for a walk around your neighborhood or local park can help strengthen your body and lubricate joints. Additionally, walking outside has even been shown to lower rates of depression.

9. Socialize With Friends

Possibly the easiest form of entertainment—connecting with your friends and family is an excellent way to stay engaged. Socialization is incredibly beneficial for our emotional well-being, and studies have also found that it can even improve cognitive brain function.

Don’t let your pain control your life. If your pain is making it difficult for you to participate in hobbies and daily activities, call us today to schedule an appointment. At AIPI, we’ll help you find the relief you need so that you can finally live the life you deserve.